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Date of competition:
2006. August 17-20.

Event center:
Csehbánya, football ground

Finish area:
1. day: Pápa, Sports' Hall (Várkert street 4.)
2-4. day: Csehbánya, football ground

2006. August 17.: 14.00-16.00 at Finish Area.

Maps for training are available at WDOC (World Deaf Orienteering Championships) Event Center (Hotel Magister - Veszprém, József Attila u. 34/2).

Following categories were merged: W10DK --> W10D, W14C --> W14B, W16C --> W16B, W18C --> W18B, W20A --> W21E, W21A --> W21E, W35A --> W35BR, W60 --> W50, M14C --> M14B, M16C --> M16B, M18B --> M20A, M21A --> M21E, M70 --> M65.

Camping: free in Event center;
Hostel: in Ajka (unlike in invitation), at Bánki Donát Szakközépiskola hostel (Bródy u. 2.).

First starts:
1. day: 17.00
2-4. day: 10.00

1. day: in parking area of Sports’ Hall,
2-4. day: near Finish area.
Please follow organizers instructions!

1. day: Easily runnable park area with lot of man-made feature (play-ground, bench). No climbs.
2-4. day: Tipical middle high mountain terrain with easily runnable forests. Markable hills and detailed valleys. Quite frequent hunting and foresting area with its tipical features. Some places undergrowth.

1. day: 1:4000 / 2 m, A4 printed by laserjet.
2-3. day: 1:15 000 and 1:10 000 / 5 m, A4 printed by laserjet.
4. day: 1:10 000 / 5 m, A4 printed by laserjet.
Maps are water resistant, so no socket will be provided for them.

Control description:
Printed to map, on 2-4. day plus symbol is available at start.

Control equipment:
White-orange flag, SI station, puncher.

Finish-Start distance:
Alongside blue ribbon.
1. day: 700 m / 0 m climb;
2. day: 2800 m / 50 m climb;
3. day: 2000 m / 80 m climb;
4. day: 1800 m / 50 m climb.

On courses over 10 kms at 50-70% of courses.


  • 1. day M20A, M21E, M21B, M35A, W21E courses contain 1 control several times.
  • 1. day to finish each runner shall cross street with traffic. Organizers will help, but be careful!
  • All runners must wear start bib.
  • On 4. day before handicapped starting everyone shall write his start time to his start bib according to startlists shown at Event center. Runners shall enter start area 5 minutes before start time.
  • On 4. day some courses cross a field very overgrown. Crossing corridor will be cut and will be marked on map with sign (708.0).
  • On 4. day order of runners shall be appointd by running through finish line, not by punching at SI-box.
  • If SI station fails, you shall punch on map!
  • It is not allowed to run with dog, and dogs shall be leashed in finsh area!
  • It is not allowed to set fire in the forest and the finish area
  • Event center is private territory, please use mobil WC!

Children's race:
On 2-4. day near Finish area. No entry fee!

During the competition I. Pannon cup MTBO competition will take place.
More information:

August 19. at 15.00, information.

Beer relay:
August 19. at 17.00, information.

Victory ceremony:
On 1-3. day winners will be awarded after the competition in Finish area. Overall results of 4 days will be priced August 20. 14:00 at Event center.

You can use nonstop buffet and hot water shower in Event center.

Have a nice time on Pannon O-Days!


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