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City of Nagyvázsony

City of Balatonfüred

Orienteering Federation of Veszprém County

Balaton-Bakony Bakancsos Turizmusáért Alapítvány


Veszprémi Tájfutó Club

Date of competition:
2007. August 18-20.

Patrons of competition:
Györfi János, head of Strategic Department of Sport Ministry
Debreczeny János, mayor of Veszprém
Fábry Szabolcs, mayor of Nagyvázsony
Bóka István, mayor of Balatonfüred
Farkas Attila, local director of Bakonyerdő Zrt.
Csík Ferenc, sport director of Veszprém county
Földesi Tibor, president of Veszprémi Tájfutó Club

Organizing committee:
President: Molnár Péter
Secretary: Kerekes Andrea
Course setter: Szabó András, Földesi Tibor, Földesi Csaba
Controller: Marosán Dávid, Tüskés György, Tokaji Mónika

Event center:
Open-air school of Balaton Highlands (
For downloadable document of the route to Event Center click here!
For photos about Event Center click here!

Venue of competition:
1-2. day: Finish Area in the Event Center
3. day: Balatonfüred, Annagora park mediterran village (
For map of venues click here!

August 17.
10.00-18.00: Training - Kab-hegy
August 18.:
1. day classic distance (XLIII. Bakony cup)
18.00: Victory Ceremony of XLIII. Bakony cup
August 19.:
2. day classic distance (XV. Veszprém cup)
14.00: Victory Ceremony of XV. Veszprém cup
16.00: Beer relay - click here for details!
August 20.:
3. day short distance (III. Tüskés Endre Memorial)
12.00: Mobile-O
Victory Ceremony of Pannon O-Days & III. Tüskés Endre Memorial (M55)

Type of competition:
3 days individual competition; 1-2. day classic distance (shortened by 20%), 3. day short distance.

MW 10D (taped route), 10DK (taped route with adult), 12C, 14B C, 16B C, 18B C, 20A, 21E A B Br C, 35A Br, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 65, M65, 70, 75, 80, Open beginner, Open advanced + children's race
In case of few entries categories will be merged!

Entry deadline:
2007. August 01. (Wednesday) 2400 to arrive

Entry address:
Postal: Kerekes Andrea, H-1118 Budapest, Budaörsi út 42.
Online: at entry

Entry fee:
Until 2007. August 01.: 5000 HUF / person / 3 days (1700 HUF / person / day)
Between 2007. August 02. and 16.: 6000 HUF / person / 3 days (2000 HUF / person / day)
On venue: 7000 HUF / person / 3 days (2300 HUF / person / day)
Open categories (even on venue): 800 HUF / person / day
SI card renting: 200 HUF / person / day
MW10D, 10DK, 12C categories pay half of prices!

Camping in Event Center: 700 HUF / person / night
In house in Event Center: 2000 HUF / person / night (no bedlinen)
The places in house are limited to 40 persons.
Send your book of accomodation to!

In case of any request until entry deadline we organize transport between Nagyvázsony and Event Center.
Send your request to!

2007. August 17.: 17.00-20.00 in Event Center.
2007. August 18.: 11.00-13.00 in Event Center.

First starts:
1. day: 14.00
2-3. day: 10.00

1-2. day: 1:10 000 and 1:15 000 / 5 m;
3. day: 1:4 000 and 1:2 000 / 2,5 m.

1-2 days: Typical middle mountain terrain with easily runnable forests. The territory is a frequent hunting and foresting area, its typical features can be found on terrain.

3. day: City of Balatonfüred and mediterran village. In the city park areas with scattered 4-floor block of flats. In mediterran village buildings are habited by shops and restaurants. Runnable areas several times on seperated levels.

- First three place of each category will be prized.
- Winners of 1.&2. days will be awarded.
- M55 category on 3. day will be prized separately as Tüskés Endre Memorial.

Accompanying events:
MTBO, Mobil-O and beer relay is planned to take place.
MTBO: website available at
Mobil-O competition is supported by T-Mobile.

Chidren's race:
All days nearby finish area, free of charge, each day victory ceremony.

Leisure time offers:
- Old Beech Footpath (from Event Center)
- Castle of Nagyvázsony (5 kms):
- Lake of Balaton (15 kms)
- Herend Porcelain Museum (25 kms):
- Zoo in Veszprém (25 kms):
- Historical downtown of Veszprém (25 kms):
- Tapolca Cave lake (25 kms):
- Sights of National Park of Balaton Highland: Hegyestű (15 kms), Salföld (30 kms), Szentbékkála (25 kms)
- Badacsony wine region (35 kms):

We kindly invite all athletes of the world!


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Beer relay
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