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Balaton-Bakony Bakancsos Turizmusáért Alapítvány


Date of competition:
2007. August 18-20.

Event Center:
Open Air School of Balaton Highland ( Approach: marked from the road between Nagyvázsony-Vígántpetend (5th km), turning south to unpaved road, straight 2,5 kms.

Finish area:
1-2. day: Event center
3. day: Annagora park mediterrain village (Balatonfüred Fürdő u. 35.)

17th August 2007.: 17.00-20.00 in Event Center.
18th August 2007.: 11.00-13.00 in Event Center.

Maps for training are available in Event Center.

Merged categories:
Ffollowing categories were merged due to few entries: M20A + M21A --> M21A, M65 + M70 --> M65, W16B + W18B --> W18B, W21C + W21BR --> W21BR, W35BR + W35A --> W35, W65 + W55 -->W55.

Camping: in Event center with own tent (700 HUF/night);
House: in Event center (2000 HUF/night not including bedline).
Accomodation can be occupied only wearing armband received at registration!

Will not be organized.

First starts:
1. day: 14.00
2-3. day: 10.00

1-2. day: alongside road at Event Center;
3. day: parking area of Annagora park.
Please follow organizers instructions!

1-2. day: Tipical middle mountain terrain with mostly easily runnable forests. Quite frequent hunting and foresting area with its tipical features.
3. day: City of Balatonfüred and mediterran village. In the city park areas with scattered 4-floor block of flats. In mediterran village buildings are habited by shops and restaurants. Runnable areas several times on seperated levels.

all days A4 printed by laserjet.
1-2. day: 1:15 000 and 1:10 000 / 5 m;
3. day: 1:4000 and 1:2000 / 2 m, A4. Each category starts on 1:4000 scale map and after marked obligatory route on 1:2000 scale map run into finish. The 1:2000 scale map will be printed to the backside of 1:4000 scale map.
Maps will not be covered, but socket for maps will be provided in start.

Control description:
Printed to map, plus symbol is available at start. Accessories for equipping plus symbol (scissors, tape) will be provided at start before start box.

Control equipment:
White-orange flag, SI station, puncher.

Finish-Start distance:
alongside blue ribbon.
1. day: 1600 m / 0 m climb;
2. day: 200 m / 0 m climb;
3. day: 1500 m / 0 m climb;

On courses over 10 kms at 50-70% and in the finish.


  • 1. day M18B, M21E, M21A, M21B, M35A, M40, W21A, W21B courses cross road Nagyvázsony-Vígántpetend. For crossing the road organizers protect the crossing point for runners (200 m long). Other parts of the road is forbidden route, and will be overprinted with its symbol (ISOM 711.0).

  • 1. day courses will cross the unpaved road going to Event Center. During competition drivers and runners shall be careful on this road!

  • On 3. day courses will go on 2 maps: first part on 1:4000 scale map, and after 500 m long marked obligatory route the last part on 1:2000 scale map. The maps will be printed on backside of one another.The obligatory route goes alongside a watercourse, and crosses two roads and one railway going under them in a tunnel. It is strictly prohibited to cross these lines over the tunnel! At the end of the obligatory route it is crossing a street where the organisers protect the cross of runners.

  • On 3. day the code of each control point will be printed next to its number (eg. 1/31).

  • All runners must wear start bib.

  • If SI station fails, you shall punch on map!

  • It is not allowed to run with dog, and dogs shall be leashed in finish area!

  • It is not allowed to set fire in the forest and the finish area

  • Event center is private territory, please use WC in buildings!

At registration all runners receive armband in different colours depednding on type of accomodation. All runners must wear armband during competition, because this is the ticket to Event Center.

Children’s race:
On all days near Finish area with daily victory ceremony. No entry fee!

During the competition II. Pannon cup MTBO competition will take place (1-2. day with same finish area). More information:

Victory ceremony:
On 1-2. day winners will be awarded after the competition in Finish area. Tüskés Endre Memorial (M55 3. day) and overall results of 3 days will be priced August 20. 13:00 at Event Center.

You can have drink and food nonstop in the buffet in Event center.

Have a nice time on Pannon O-Days!


results available

Beer relay
results here and videos at gallery

photos about the competition

overall and split times for all days

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