City of Veszprém

Village of Németbánya

Orienteering Federation
Veszprém County


Date of competition:
2008. August 15-17.

Event center:
Németbánya, football ground (N47.216354°, E17.650495°)

Finish area:
1. day: Farkasgyepű (N47.210443°, E17.622485°)
2-3. day: event center

August 15.
08.00-14.00: Training (Csehbánya)
17.00: 1. day (XVI. Veszprém cup - short distance - Farkasgyepű)
August 16.
10.00: 2. day (IV. Tüskés Endre memorial - classic distance - Németbánya)
12.00: Mikrosprint - Németbánya
16.00: Beer relay - Németbánya
August 17.
10.00: 3. day (XLIV. Bakony cup - classic distance - Németbánya)
11.00: Mobil-O - Németbánya

2008. August 15.: 15.00-16.30 in 1. day finish.

Map downloadable here (1,6 MB TIF).

Categories merged:
Dut to few entries following categories were merged:
M14C > M14B, M16C > M16B, M20A > M21E, M21A > M21E, M35A > M21B, M75 > M70, W14C > W14B, W18C > W18B, W20A > W21E, W21A > W21E, W50 > W45, W60 > W55.

Camping: in event center free of charge;
Hostel: in High School Hostel of Veszprém (Stadion str. 20. - N47.082318° E17.904383°) available only for persons registrated before entry deadline.

All events are available by public transport.

First start:
1. day: 17.00
2-3. day: 10.00

1. day: in parking area of Farkasgyepű hospital;
2-3. day: nearby finish area, alongside Kossuth street.
Please always follow the instructions of organizers!

1. day: first half of courses: easily runnable forest with lot of features, second half of courses: park of hospital. No climbs.
2-3. day: typical middle high mountain terrain with easily runnable forests and detailed contoured valleys.

1. day: 1:4000 / 5 m (changed!), A4 printed by deskjet.
2-3. day: 1:15 000* ill. 1:10 000 / 5 m, A4 printed by deskjet.
*in categories: M18B, M21E, M21B, M40, W21E
Maps are printed to paper 120 g/m2. The maps are not water resistant, but we provide cover for them in start.

Control description:
Available on map (in case of 2. day 1:10 000 maps on the backside). We provide extra control description in start, where you can take it and equip it yourselves.

Finish-start distance:
Alongside blue ribbon.
1. day: 700 m / 0 m;
2. day: 2000 m / 70 m;
3. day: 2300 m / 40 m.

On courses over 10 kms at two third of distance.


  • 1. day finish and parking area is located alongside route no. 83. Please use the marked crossing points and be careful!

  • 1. day courses run through forest and park both. Recommended clothes: long trousers, shoes for terrain (spikes NOT recommended).

  • 1. day courses cross the fence of hospital. The crossing point is not a gate, but a kind of stair built by organizers.

  • 3. day: before the chasing start all runners must write the start time to start bib. Registration in start 5 minutes before start time.

  • 3. day: final result will be decided by controller (not by punching on finish box but reaching finish line).

  • All runners must wear start bib on all days.

  • If SI station doesn't work, punch on map.

  • It is forbidden to run with dog, and dogs must be leashed in finish area.

  • Event center and neighbouring area is private territory, use the public toilets!

Children's race:
On 2-3. day in finish area with daily prize giving ceremony.

Paralelly takes place III. Pannon MTBO competition.
Further info:

August 16. from 12:00, information.

Beer relay:
August 16. from 16:00, information.

August 17. from 11:00, information.

Victory ceremony:
1-2. day prize giving ceremony (dyplom for winners) will take place in finish after competition. Prize giving ceremony of 3-days competition and Tüskés Endre memorial will take place August 17. 14:00 in event center.

Buffet with warm dishes and shower non-stop opened in event center.

Have a nice time on Pannon O-Days!


Third day and total
Third day
Second day, mikrosprint, beer relay
First day