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Date of competition:
3-5. July 2009.

Event Center:
Csesznek, Kőbánya Open Air Theatre (N47.347682°, E17.888720°)

1. nap: Veszprém, Lovassy László secondary school (Cserhát lakótelep 11. - N47.094505° E17.909413°)
2-3. nap: at Event Center


03. July

18.00: 1st day (XVII. Veszprém cup)
18.00-: Mobil-O, info
20.00: daily winners' prizegiving ceremony

04. July
10.00: 2nd day (V. Tüskés Endre memorial)
14.00: WRE prizegiving ceremony
14.10: daily winners' prizegiving ceremony
16.00: Beer relay, info
21.00: Disco

05. July
10.00: 3rd day (XLV. Bakony cup)
13.00: Tüskés Endre Memorial (M60 2. day) prizegiving ceremony
13.05: overall prizegiving ceremony

03. July 2009.: 16.00-17.30 in 1. day finish area

Due to few entries the following categories were merged:
W16E --> W18E, W18C --> W21C, W21A, W21B --> W21E, W35A --> W35BR, W60 --> W55, M16C --> M16E, M18C --> M21C, M21A --> M21E, M35A --> M35BR, M75 --> M70

At Event Center in own tent:
0-6 years:
7-14 years: 450 HUF/person/night,
15-99 years old:
900 HUF/person/night.
Accomodation can be occupied only wearing armband which you will receive at registration!

Venues of event are available by public transport

First starts:
1. day: 18.00
2-3. day: 10.00

1. day: around the finish area. You have to pay for parking until 17 pm!
2-3. day: on the field next to Event Center according to instructions of organizers.

1. day: historical downtown of Veszprém. You can find park areas, narrows streets and residencial areas.
2-3. day: middle high mountain terrain with easily runnable forests, some places steep climbs. You can find dangerous rock forms on terrain, even 10-20 meters high ones. On the terrain forester and hunting activity is taking place, its typical objects (e.g. small paths not appearing on map) can be found.

1. day: 1:4000 / 2,5 m / 35x30 cm.
2-3. day: 1:15 000 / 5 m / 30x28 cm* and 1:10 000 / 5 m / 30x42 cm
*in categories W21E, M21E, M21B, M40, M45
Maps of WM21E categories on 2. day will be in foil socket. For the other maps we ensure socket in start area.

Maps will be collected by club every day, you will get them back at 19.30 on 1. day and 12.00 at 3. day.

Control description:
Available on map (in case of 2. day 1:10 000 maps on the backside). We provide extra control description in start, where you can take it and equip it yourselves.

Finish-start distance:
Alongside blue ribbon.
1. day: 500 m / 0 m;
2. day: 2200 m / 150 m;
3. day: 2000 m / 150 m.

Refreshment point:
In categories MW21E on 2. day at every 30 minutes.


  • 1. day competition will take place in city area. Recommended shoe is training shoe, but orienteering shoe is not prohibited.

  • 1. day courses can cross roads with traffic. Be careful at these places!

  • During 1. day competition Veszprém Rallye's prologue will take place on Óváros square, where will be big crowd. On the maps it is indicated with the symbol of dangerous area (710.0).

  • MW10D DK categories on 1. day shall follow not ribbons, but arrows painted on tarmac.

  • WM21E categories on 2. day will have a butterfly combination in course. Be careful of catching controls in right order!

  • 3. day: before the chasing start all runners must write the start time to start bib. Registration in start 5 minutes before start time.

  • 3. day: final result will be decided by controller (not by punching on finish box but reaching finish line).

  • All runners must wear start bib on all days.

  • If SI station doesn't work, punch on map.

  • It is forbidden to run with dog, and dogs must be leashed in finish area.

  • Event center and neighbouring area is private territory, use the public toilets!

Children's race:
On 2-3. day close to event center. Free of charge! Daily prizegiving ceremony.

On 3. July from 18.00, info.

Beer relay:
On 4. July 16.00, info.

Prizegiving ceremony:
- On 1-2. day winners will prized after the competition in finish area.
- On 2. day WRE prizegiving ceremony will take place after competition.
- Overall prizegiving ceremony on 5. July at 13.00 at Event Center.
- Prizegiving ceremony of Tüskés Endre Memorial (M60 2. day) will take place before overall prizegiving ceremony.

You can have food and drinks and warm-water shower in Event Center.

On competition evreyone starts at his own risk!

Have a nice time on Pannon O-Days 2009!

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3. day, overall and beer relay results
2. day results and 3. day startlists
1. day results
Information and startlists
Pictures of terrain day 1.
Final data of courses for day 2-3.
Information about accompanying events
Preliminary data of courses uploaded
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