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Date of competition:
19-22. August 2010.

Event center:
Csehbánya, football ground (N 47.182888, E17.680564)

Venue of competition (finish area):
1. day: Sobri Jóska adventure park, Kislőd - http://www.bakonyikalandpark.hu (N47.132345, E17.629066)
2-4. day: Event center


19. August
17.00: 1. day (XLVI. Bakony cup)

20. August
10.00: 2. day (XVIII. Veszprém cup)
13.00: Mikrosprint
14.00: 1. and 2. day winners' prizegiving ceremony

21. August
10.00: 3. day (VI. Tüskés Endre memorial)
14.00: 3. day winners' prizegiving ceremony
16.00: Beer relay

22. August
10.00: 4. day
13.00: Tüskés Endre Memorial (M60 3. day) prizegiving ceremony
13.10: Pannon O-Days prizegiving ceremony

19th August 2010.: 15.00-16.30 in 1. day finish,
20th August 2010.: 8.30-9.30 in Event center (for those who didn't start 1. day)
21st August 2010.: 8.30-9.30 in Event center (for those who didn't start 1-2. day)
22nd August 2010.: 8.30-9.30 in Event center (for those who didn't start 1-3. day)

Due to few entries the following categories were merged:
M20A > M21B, M21A > M21E, M21C > M21BR, W21A > W21E, W55 > W50

All type of accomodation have to be booked individually!
Camping in Event Center is strictly forbidden!

Venues of event are available by public transport

First starts:
1. day: 17.00
2-3. day: 10.00

1. day: in the parking lot of Sobri Jóska adventure park
2-3. day: on the streets of Csehbánya according to instructions of organizers.

1. day: adventure park (including forest area). Recommended clothes: usual orienteering clothes. Spikes allowed.

2-4. day: Typical middle mountain terrain with easily runnable forests and detailed contoured valleys. At some places steep climbs and rock forms. Typical objects of hunting and foresting activities can be found in forest. Due to the storms of last months some places many of the trees fallen, and it's hard to cross them. These places are not drawn on the map. Recommended clothes: usual orienteering clothes. Spikes allowed.

1. day: 1:4000 / 2,5 m / 26x20 cm.
2-4. day: 1:10 000 / 5 m / 30x21 cm
Maps are not foiled, but we ensure foil socket in start area.

Maps will be collected by club every day, you will get them back at 18.30 on 1. day and at 12.30 on 2-4. day.

Control description:
available on map. We provide extra control description in start, where you can take it and equip it yourselves.

Finish-start distance:
Alongside blue ribbon.
1. day: 0 m / 0 m;
2. day: 1200 m / 50 m;
3. day: 2200 m / 90 m;
4. day: 2000 m / 80 m.

Chasing start:
4. day first starts of each categories:
0: M14B, M16B, M40, M55, W12C, W16B, OPEN
15: M16C, M18B, M65, W10D, W35BR
30: M10D, W14B, W18B
45: M12C, M21B, M45, M50, W45, W50
60: M14C, M21BR, M70, W21BR, W21C
75: W10DK, W21B
90: M10DK, M21E, M35BR, M60, W21E, W40

Refreshment point:
In category M21E on 2. and 3. day at 60-70% of course.


  • Runners get armband at registration. Wearing this armband allows runners to enter the adventure park on 1. day for using toilets.

  • On 1. day map special symbol used for rope-railway and its stations: (color: 100% black, line width: 0.14 mm, dots diameter: 0.50 mm)

  • On 1. day map special symbol used for bench: (color: 100% black, line width: 0.14 mm, size: 0.8x0.35 mm)

  • On 1. day map special symbol used for electric pylon: (color: 100% black, line width: 0.2 mm, diameter 0.75 mm)

  • On 1. day in control description special symbol for bench:

  • On 2. day there will two map starts from the same time start (Start1 - MW10D, 10DK, 12C, OPEN; Start2 - for all others). Runners shall choose their own corridor in the last start box (-1 minute).

  • On 2. day categories starting from Start2 will cross a road with infrequent traffic between controls 47 and 48. Please be careful when crossing this road!

  • On 4. day before the chasing start all runners must write the start time to start bib. Registration in start 5 minutes before start time.

  • On 4. day the final result will be decided by controller (not by punching on finish box but reaching finish line).

  • All runners must wear start bib on all days.

  • If SI station doesn't work, punch on map.

  • It is forbidden to run with dog, and dogs must be leashed in finish area.

  • Finish area and neighbouring area is private territory, use the public toilets!

Children's race:
On 2-4. day close to event center. Free of charge! Daily prizegiving ceremony.

On 20. August from 13.00, info.

Beer relay:
On 21. August 16.00, info.

Prizegiving ceremony:
- On 1-3. day winners will be prized after the competition in finish area.
- Overall prizegiving ceremony on 22. August at 13.00 at Event Center.
- Prizegiving ceremony of Tüskés Endre Memorial (M60 3. day) will take place before overall prizegiving ceremony.

You can have food and drinks and washing facilities in Event Center.

On competition everyone starts at his own risk!

Have a nice time on Pannon O-Days 2010!





Veszprémi Tájfutó Club