Veszprémi Tájfutó Club

Date of competition:
29-31. July 2011.

Porga Gyula, mayor of Veszprém
Baky György, mayor of Bakonybél
Kiss József, CEO of Euro-West Ltd.
Vízl Tamás, local director of Sopron Bank Burgenland
Csik Ferenc, managing director of Veszprém County Sport Council
Meinczinger József, local director of Bakonyerdő Ltd.
Földesi Tibor, president of Veszprémi Tájfutó Club

Organizing committee:
President: Molnár Péter
Secretary: Kerekes Andrea
Course setters: Molnár Péter, Tüskés György, Szabó András
Controller: Tokaji Mónika, Fonyó Sándor, Marosán Dávid

Event center:
Gerence fogadó (Bakonybél, Fürdő u. 59.; N47.257969°, E17.718407°) -

Venue of competition:
1. day: football ground (Bakonybél, Malom utca; N47.250234° E17.724123°)
2-3. day: Event center

Form of competition:
3 days individual competition:
- 1. day short distance,
- 2. day classic distance,
- 3. day classic distance with chasing start.


29. July
17.00: 1. day (XLVII. Bakony cup)

30. July
10.00: 2. day (VII. Tüskés Endre memorial)
12.00: Mikrosprint - info
16.00: Beer relay - info
20.00: Disco

31. July
10.00: 3. day (XIX. Veszprém cup)
13.00: Prizegiving ceremony of Tüskés Endre Memorial (M60 2. day competition)
13.05: Prizegiving ceremony of Pannon O-Days

MW 10D* DK**, 12C, 14B C, 16B C, 18B C, 20A, 21A B BR*** C, 35A BR***, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 65; M70, 75, 80 + open beginner
* with help of ribbon
** with help of ribbon and accompanied by adult
*** B short

Entry deadline:
17th July 2011.

Entry address:

Entry fee:
MW10, 12, open: 2500 HUF/3 days, 1000 HUF/day
Other categories: 5000 HUF/3 days, 2000 HUF/day
Late entry +20%, entry on venue +40% (except open)!

Forest house: 7 kms from Event Center (in Huszárokelőpuszta) 3400-7600 HUF/person/night - website
Pension: in Event Center 2900 HUF/person/night  - website
Gym hall with own equipment: 1 km from Event Center 800 HUF/person/night
Accomadation can be booked at

Further accomodations (bookable independently):
Notice: Bakonybél is a frequent tourist destination in the summer season, so you have to book your accomodation as soon as possible!

Venues of the event are available by public transport.

29th July 2011.: 15.00-16.30 in 1. day finish,
30th July 2011.: 8.30-9.30 in Event center (for those who don't start 1. day)
31st July 2011.: 8.30-9.30 in Event center (for those who don't start 1-2. day)

First starts:
1. day: 17.00
2-3. day: 10.00

1. day: 1:4 000 / 2,5 m
2-3. day: 1:10 000 / 5 m


1. day:
Mostly open area at 270-350 ms asl.
Lot of vegetation features (bushes, single trees).

2-3. day:
Middle mountain terrain with easily runnable forests at 250-520 ms asl.
Some places steep climbs and rock forms.
Typical objects of hunting and foresting activities can be found.

- First three of overall results in each category receives prize.
- First three of 2. day M60 category receives special prize pledged by Tüskés family.

Accompanying events:
- Children's race (every day in finish area, no entry fee!)
- Mikrosprint: info
- Beer relay: info

Leisure time offers:
In Bakonybél:
Borostyán-well -
Museum -
House of the Bakony Forests -
Saint Mauricius Monastery -

Neighbouring area:
Lake of Balaton - (50 kms)
Veszprémfest - (35 kms)
Zoo of Veszprém - (35 kms)
Historical downtown of Veszprém - (35 kms)
Historical downtown of Pápa - (30 kms)
Museum of Blue Dyeing in Pápa - (30 kms)
Thermal Bath of Pápa - (30 kms)
Herend Porcelain Museum - (30 kms)
Arboretum of Zirc - (15 kms)
Natural History Museum of Bakony Mountains, Zirc - (15 kms)
Tower at Kőris-hegy (highest point of Bakony Mountains) - (6 kms)

Veszprém county

City of Veszprém

Village of Bakonybél

Euro-West Ltd.

Sopron Bank Burgenland

Herend Village Pottery

Bakonyerdő Ltd.

Bakancsos Foundation

Veszcart Map Studio