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Veszprémi Tájfutó Club

Date of competition:
20-22. July 2012.

Porga Gyula, mayor of Veszprém
Tóth Edina Kitti, mayor of Dudar
Baky György, mayor of Bakonybél
Kiss József, CEO of Euro-West Ltd.

Organizing committee:
President: Molnár Péter
Secretary: Kerekes Andrea
Course setters: Molnár Péter (1. day), Tüskés György (2. day), Molnár Péter (3. day)
Controller: Marosán Dávid (1. day), Fonyó Sándor (2. nap), Marosán Dávid (3. day)

Event center:
Dudar, football ground (N47.313203° E17.941692°)
You can have food&drink, toilets and water in Event Center.

Venue of competition:
1. day: Bakonybél
2-3. day: Event center

Form of competition:
3 day individual competition:
- 1. day short distance,
- 2. day classic distance,
- 3. day classic distance with chasing start.


20. July
17.00: 1. day (XLVIII. Bakony cup)

21. July
10.00: 2. day (VIII. Tüskés Endre memorial)
12.00: Mikrosprint
16.00: Beer relay
20.00: Disco

22. July
10.00: 3. day (XX. Veszprém cup)
13.00: Prizegiving ceremony of Tüskés Endre Memorial (M60 2. day)
13.10: Prizegiving ceremony of Pannon O-Days

MW 10D* DK**, 12C, 14B C, 16B C, 18B C, 20A, 21A B BR*** C, 35A BR***, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 65; M70, 75, 80 + open beginner
* with help of ribbon
** with help of ribbon and accompanied by adult
*** B short

Entry deadline:
8th July 2012.

Entry address:
Web: via ENTRY
Email: andrea@veszcart.hu

Entry fee:
MW10, 12, open: 1000 HUF / day
Other categories: 2000 HUF / day
Late entry +20%, entry on venue +40% (except open)!

Camping: in Dudar with own equipment, 500 HUF/person/night
Gym hall: in Dudar, 800 HUF/person/night
Request of accomodation shall be registered via email at andrea@veszcart.hu

Further accomodations (book independently):
- Pajta porta (Dudar): http://www.pajtaporta.hu
- Simon vendégház és horgásztó (Dudar): http://pihenohaz.gportal.hu
- Nagy Tibor vendégháza (Dudar): http://www.nagytibor.gportal.hu
- Accomodation in Zirc: http://www.zirc.hu/szallashelyek.html

Venues of the event are available by public transport.

20th July 2012.: 15.00-16.30 in 1. day finish,
21st July 2012.: 8.30-9.30 in Event center (for those who didn't start 1. day)
22nd July 2012.: 8.30-9.30 in Event center (for those who didn't start 1-2. day)

First starts:
1. day: 17.00
2-3. day: 10.00

1. day: 1:4 000 / 2,5 m
2-3. day: 1:10 000 / 5 m


1. nap:
Mostly open area at 270-350 ms asl.
Lot of vegetation features (bushes, single trees).

2-3. day: Typical middle mountain terrain at 270-430 ms asl.
Easily runnable forests and detailed contoured valleys.
Some places steep climbs and rock forms.
Typical objects of hunting and foresting activities can be found in forest.

- First three of each category of the three days receives prize.
- First three of 2. day M60 category receives special prize pledged by Tüskés family.

Accompanying events:
- Children's race (2-3. day in finish area, no entry fee!)
- Beer relay - info

Leisure time offers:

Pannon Planetarium, Bakonybél - http://www.csillagda.net
Saint Mauricius Monastery, Bakonybél - http://bakonybel.osb.hu
Botanic garden, Zirc: www.zirciarboretum.hu
Museum of Natural Science, Zirc: www.bakonymuseum.koznet.hu
Eplény Bringaréna: www.bringarena.com
Lake of Balaton - www.balaton.hu
VeszprémFest - http://www.veszpremfest.hu
Historical downtown of Veszprém - www.veszprem.hu
Zoo of Veszprém - www.zoo.hu/veszprem
Porcelain Museum of Herend - www.herend.com  




Veszprémi Tájfutó Club