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Date of competition:
20-22. July 2012.

Porga Gyula, mayor of Veszprém
Tóth Edina Kitti, mayor of Dudar
Baky György, mayor of Bakonybél
Kiss József, CEO of Euro-West Ltd.

Organizing committee:
President: Molnár Péter
Secretary: Kerekes Andrea
Course setters: Molnár Péter (1. day), Tüskés György (2. day), Molnár Péter (3. day)
Controller: Marosán Dávid (1. day), Fonyó Sándor (2. nap), Marosán Dávid (3. day)

Event center:
Dudar, football ground (N47.313203° E17.941692°)
You can have food&drink, toilets and water in Event Center.
Note! You can enter Event Center only on foot not by car.

Venue of competition:
1. day: Bakonybél, football ground (Malom utca - N47.250234° E17.724123°)
2-3. day: Event center

Form of competition:
3 day individual competition:
- 1. day short distance,
- 2. day classic distance,
- 3. day classic distance with chasing start.


20. July
17.00: 1. day (XLVIII. Bakony cup)

21. July
10.00: 2. day (VIII. Tüskés Endre memorial)
16.00: Beer relay
20.00: Disco

22. July
10.00: 3. day (XX. Veszprém cup)
13.00: Prizegiving ceremony of Tüskés Endre Memorial (M60 2. day)
13.10: Prizegiving ceremony of Pannon O-Days

20th July 2012.: 15.00-16.30 in 1. day finish,
21st July 2012.: 8.30-9.30 in Event center (for those who didn't start 1. day)
22nd July 2012.: 8.30-9.30 in Event center (for those who didn't start 1-2. day)

Due to few entries following categories were merged:
W14C, W18C > W15-18C
W16B > W18B
W20A, W21B > W21A
W65 > W60
M14C, M16C, M18C > M15-18C
M18B > M21B
M20A > M21A
M80 > M75

- In Event Center. Note! You can enter Event Center only on foot not by car. You can park 2-500 meters far from Event center.
- On the yard of Dudar Primary School (Hunyadi u. 13.).
Gym hall: in Dudar Primary School (Hunyadi u. 13.). Gym hall will open at 19:00 on 20th of July, and close at 10:00 on 22nd of July.
Accomodation can be occupied only wearing armband received at registration!

Venues of the event are available by public transport.

1. day: on the streets around Finish Area.
2-3. day: on the streets around Event Center. You can enter Event Center only on foot not by car. It is forbidden to park alongside main road crossing Dudar (Hunyadi u.), but you can use parking areas alongside this road.
Always follow the instructions of organizers!

First starts:
1. day: 17.00
2-3. day: 10.00

Finish-start distance:
1. day: 1300 m / 20 m
2. day: 1700 m / 60 m
3. day: 2000 m / 75 m


1. day:
Mostly open area at 270-350 ms asl.
Lot of vegetation features (bushes, single trees).

2-3. day: Typical middle mountain terrain at 270-430 ms asl.
Easily runnable forests and detailed contoured valleys.
Some places steep climbs and rock forms.
Typical objects of hunting and foresting activities can be found in forest.

1. day: 1:4 000 / 2,5 m; 320x225 mm
2. day: 1:10 000 / 5 m; 450x320 and 320x225 mm
3. day: 1:10 000 / 5 m; 320x225 mm
Maps are not foiled, but we ensure foil socket in start area.

Control description:
Printed on the map. Extra control description available in start area.

Refreshment point:
In M21A category on 2-3. day at 60-70% of course (at control point).

Chasing start:
3rd day first starts of each categories:
0: M75, W12C, W14B, W15-18C, W18B
15: M14B, M16B, M40, M50, W10D, W45
30: M12C, M55, M60, M70, W21C
45: M10D, M15-18C, M45, M65, W40
60: M21B, W21BR, W55, W60, Open
75: M21A, M21BR, M21C, W35A, W50
90: M35A, M35BR, W10DK, W21A, W35BR

- On 2-3. day some places you can find dangerous cliffs (height of 5-10 ms) drawn with symbol 201.1 and 202.0. Be careful at these places!
- On 3. day before the chasing start all runners must write the start time to start bib. Registration in start 5 minutes before start time.
- On 3. day the final result will be decided by controller (not by punching on finish box but reaching finish line).
- All runners must wear start bib on all days.
- If SI station doesn't work, punch on map.
- It is forbidden to run with dog, and dogs must be leashed in finish area.
- Finish area and neighbouring area is private territory, use the public toilets!

Children's race:
2-3. day in finish area, no entry fee!

Beer relay:
21st July from 16.00 - info

- First three of each category of the three days receives prize.
- First three of 2. day M60 category receives special prize pledged by Tüskés family.

Leisure time offers:
Pannon Planetarium, Bakonybél - http://www.csillagda.net
Saint Mauricius Monastery, Bakonybél - http://bakonybel.osb.hu
Botanic garden, Zirc: www.zirciarboretum.hu
Museum of Natural Science, Zirc: www.bakonymuseum.koznet.hu
Lake of Balaton - www.balaton.hu
VeszprémFest - http://www.veszpremfest.hu
Historical downtown of Veszprém - www.veszprem.hu
Zoo of Veszprém - www.zoo.hu/veszprem
Porcelain Museum of Herend - www.herend.com  




Veszprémi Tájfutó Club