Date: 2004. July 31., Saturday

First start: 16.00

Venue: Kab-hegy Bakony N47°03.043' E17°38,870'

Entry: until 2004. July 29., 16.00

Entry address:

Entry fee: 1500Ft/team (number of persons unlimited). You can rent GPS on the venue (1000 HUF)!

Registration: 2004. July 30. & 31. at SILVA tent in finsh area.

Category: day control chasing with individual start route optimization between 16.00 and 19.00, time: 60 minutes.

Results: right after finish line.

Victory ceremony: 2004. July 31., 19.00 on the venue.

Prizes: best team /person Timex Datalink 50 sport watsh + Multinavigator Trophy

Every participant will receive certificate.

More details at (only Hungarian).